DCAF Working Group on Legal Reform

Ljubljana, Slovenia - The Meeting of the DCAF Working Group on Legal Reform, held 11–12 December 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, brought together regional and EU legal experts and representatives of services responsible for illegal migration, incl. readmission and return. As mandated by the regional Chiefs of Border Police Services and in accordance with the need identified under other frameworks, the Working Group on Legal Reform devoted attention to ensuring an efficient regional approach toward the issue of irregular migration flows in the Southeast European region. Possibilities were discussed to introduce the measure of Common Return on a regional scale, where Frontex and Slovenia provided useful experience and good practices. Options were discussed how to initiate a regional project for the facilitation of common Return Flights, which would very much contribute to an efficient regional return. A legal solution (regional memorandum of understanding) was identified to enable regional operational measures in this area. It is to be discussed and finalised by the Working Group on Legal Reform by the end of 2013.

Illegal migration remains one of the gravest challenges met by the regional border police services. Therefore, we will continue to conduct our work in the same direction, seeking the most appropriate legal solutions to address the issue of Readmission and Return – especially a regional memorandum of understanding to establish a region-wide mechanism to enable common return flights to the (extra-regional) countries of origin.  The DCAF Working Group on Legal Reform will continue to monitor the EU legislative framework, and ensure the harmonisation of national legislations of the beneficiary countries with the EU acquis and standards.