Common Operation “ICARUS 2017”

Selected International Airports of the DCAF BSP beneficiaries and Austria. From 4-14 Seotember 2017 coordinated operation named “ICARUS 2017” took place simultaneously at selected airports of the participating countries.

Altogether 11 airports were included in the Operation:
• Albania: Airport Tirana
• Austria: Airport Vienna
• Bosnia and Herzegovina:
o Airport Sarajevo
o Airport Tuzla
• Macedonia:
o Airport Ohrid
o Airport Skopje
• Moldova:
o Airport Chisinau
• Montenegro:
o Airport Podgorica
o Airport Tivat
• Serbia:
o Airport Belgrade
o Airport Niš

The Common Operation “ICARUS 2017” intensively engaged police officers at various international airports in border checks (incl. second-line checks) aimed at checks of documents and other activities related to detection of criminal activities. The officers performed all their regular tasks with difference of frequent sharing of information on incidents (criminal or misdemeanours) happening at the airports.
The aims of the Operation which were set prior were achieved. The exchange of information through incident and daily reports helped build a sense of understanding on how the efforts of officers at one specific border crossing point complement other and also provided a clear message to the general public on how the law enforcement efforts are interconnected and complementary in combating all forms of criminality. This in turn builds confidence and the sense of safety of the general public.
Furthermore, the engagement of law enforcement officers and services involved clearly demonstrated the readiness of the WB countries and Moldova, as participants in the Operation, to engage in joint efforts in combating cross-border criminality, work closely with other countries, especially with EU MS (touching upon the Austrian participation in the Operation).