3rd Annual DCAF Train-the-Trainers Training Camp in Andermatt is under way


Andermatt, Switzerland - The 2014 international DCAF training camp for professional police and military trainers from all across Europe is taking place this week (11–17 August) in Andermatt, Switzerland. It is organised in cooperation between DCAF Ljubljana and the Swiss Federal Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, and supported by the hosting organisation, the Military Mountaineering Service Centre in Andermatt, Switzerland. The course promotes modern teaching methods and techniques, which can be applied in the security sector, and is implemented by DCAF and EU training and educational experts. This year, it has brought together 46 participants from 23 countries all across Europe and Central Asia, who were nominated either by their home organisations or on part of EU agencies (Europol, Frontex), the OSCE and the Association of European Police Colleges. The course also includes important simulation exercises and team-building lessons, which are enabled by the mountaineering specialists of the Swiss Military unit in Andermatt.

The opening ceremony on Monday, 11th August in the town of Andermatt was attended by important representatives of the Cantonal authorities, the Andermatt Municipality and the Swiss Military. Mr Markus Holzgang, the President of the Land Council, warmly welcomed the DCAF course participants in Andermatt, and emphasised that the Canton of Uri shares the values and goals promoted by DCAF and the Andermatt Course. Col. Ivo Burgener, Commander of the Mountaineering Centre in Andermatt, expressed his satisfaction that the Centre has had the privilege to host the Course for more than 10 years, and hopes to have the same opportunity in the upcoming years. Ms Jelka Klemenc of DCAF Ljubljana emphasised that one of the most important goals of the annual Course is to contribute to improved relations between the police and military forces, which play an important role in modern societies all across Europe and which have proven to be especially important in the recent catastrophic floods in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, where the lives of friends and families of some Course participants from the region were also affected. She also emphasised that the participants enjoy their stay with the Military every year, and thanked the hosts for their generous hospitality we are shown every time. Col. Ivo Burgener and Mr Urs Janett, Secretary of the Security Direction at Canton Uri, also provided an interesting presentation on the security system in Switzerland, including the international efforts of the Swiss armed forces.

The DCAF Train-the-Trainers Course evidently becomes more and more visible in the European and wider international arena, as DCAF Ljubljana, the Course organiser, has received a record-high number of applications this year. Every year, the Course is positively evaluated by the participants, more of which decide to reapply and return to Andermatt the following year.