Webinar on Police work and COVID-19 - experiences of EU countries using the Slovenian model as reference

On 19 May 2020, DCAF Ljubljana organised Webinar on Police work and COVID-19 with focus on experiences of EU countries, using the Slovenian model as reference.

The aim of the webinar was to share first-hand information on the best practices of EU countries using the Slovenian model of practical response and adaptation of policing to specific circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic.

The participants were also informed on the latest trends and findings related to the spread of COVID-19.


69 participants from 8 countries, 5 International organizations/agencies, 2 missions and 3 DCAF offices attended the webinar.


The webinar was delivered in two sessions, one in local (BIH/CRO/MNE/SRB) and another in English language.


This webinar was first in a series of events, aimed at enhancing the capacities of the Border Security Programme (BSP) Beneficiary countries in responding to pandemic or other types of natural or human caused disaster. This will be achieved through examination of the measures undertaken by the Beneficiaries, evaluation of their efficiency and their impact on the work of law enforcement services, identification of best practices, necessary procedures (within national frameworks) and structuring those in the form of “standard operating procedures” (SOPs) which can be used/consulted in future similar type of events. 


The webinars are also available through our webinar resources page.


The event conducted within the framework of the Regional Police Cooperation and Integrity Building Programme (PCIB), granted by the Royal Norwegian Government.