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RACVIAC Conference on EU External Border Regime


Rakitje (RACVIAC), Croatia - DCAF Participated in the Conference on EU External Border Regime, co-hosted by RACVIAC, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the George C. Marshall Alumni Association Zagreb between 11 – 13 September 2013 at the RACVIAC-SEE headquarters in Croatia. The conference addressed several aspects of the EU external border regime, which are especially relevant for Croatia and its cooperation with the rest of the Southeast European region now that the EU external border has shifted and the Schengen membership is foreseen for 2015/2016. In his keynote speech, Mr Nebojša Kirigin, assistant Croatian minister of the interior, stressed that regional cooperation in the area of internal security is an utmost priority for Croatia, who will continue to strongly support the Western Balkan countries. Ms Vesna Pleša, Head of the Border Cooperation Department at MoI Croatia, presented on the Croatian post-accession security situation and the border security cooperation of Croatia with the neighbouring countries and the region. It was agreed that Croatia should continue to strengthen cooperation with its southern neighbors in the post-accession period. Individual panels focused on the Europeanisation of customs procedures, economy/commerce and Croatia’s path towards Schengen.