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Meeting on readmission and return

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - From 27-30 August 2013, the DCAF meeting on readmission and return took place in Sarajevo, BiH, attended by border police experts, legal experts and representatives of services responsible for readmission and return from Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, and Frontex. The participants proceeded to finalize the region-wide agreement providing for mutual cooperation in the area of common return flights to third countries of origin. Common Return has been identified as an important element in the overall regional effort under the DCAF Border Security Programme to efficiently mitigate the negative consequences of irregular migration flows in the Western Balkan region.

The participants also reviewed the existing draft Memorandum of Understanding to enable the mutual use of border police services of the Border Sentry web application developed by DCAF, which will serve as a common platform for as a common platform for data management. Based on the entries of generic data on border-related events, the use of the application will enable to border police authorities and other police services a common risk assessment regarding the threat of cross-border crime, including illegal migration.