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Introductory Seminar with Series of Expert Workshops in the Area of Border Security


Chisinau, Moldova - During 4–8 April 2016, DCAF executed a week-long Introductory Seminar with Series of Workshops in the area of Border Security in Chisinau, Moldova, supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The set of events were co-organised by DCAF Ljubljana and the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs, and saw the overall participation of 114 participants, representing the MiA, General Police Administration, Border Police, Migration and Asylum Bureau, National Investigation Inspectorate, Police Academy and the Border Police College. The events successfully introduced the goals and objectives of the DCAF Border Security Programme (BSP) to the Moldovan authorities and relevant partners acting in Moldova and the region; familiarised experts with the tools and workning processes of the respective Programme components; conducted a preliminary needs assessment in Moldova to plan future DCAF activities; and provided high-level support to the full inclusion of Moldovan authorities in the regional DCAF Border Security Programme during 2016, including a possible regional common operation at the Moldovan borders. The border police of the Republic of Moldova estimated that the Moldovan involvement in the BSP is of high added value in view of Moldovan on-going efforts in the area of EU integration and ensuring compliance with the requirements under the EU Post-Visa Liberalisation Framework.