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International conference Moving beyond risks: Organizing for Resilience

DCAF Ljubljana and the PCC SEE Secretariat were invited to participate at the international conference titled "Moving beyond Risks: Organizing for Resilience". The main organizers of the conference, scheduled to take place in Slovenia in mid September 2015, are the International Institute for Transdisciplinary Research on Critical Infrastructure (i-RESC), the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and the Building Research Establishment (BRE, Center for Resilience).


The conference, which will address complementary but often competing areas and perspectives including High Reliability Organizing, Resilience Engineering, Critical Infrastructures and Risk management, aims to bring together global policy makers, professionals and academic experts in order to improve the capabilities of organisations, teams, networks and sectors to:

  • Sense the unexpected and unwanted earlier
  • Respond more effectively to those events
  • Reduce the negative outcomes if these events or situations unfold
  • Learn continuously from misinterpretations, miscommunications and misunderstanding

As the focus of the conference also falls within our sphere of interest, we intend to contribute with one Case study and a Scientific paper. You are kindly invited to share more information about the conference with your stakeholders and professional network respectively.


More information about the conference, confirmed keynote speakers and the tentative programme can be found at www.beyond-risks-conference.eu.