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Heads of Cabinets at the Ministries of Interior/Security and Border Police Chiefs Confirm the new strategic Regional Action Plan for the Period 2012–2015

Muta, Slovenia - The meeting at the level of heads of cabinets at regional ministries of interior/security and border police chiefs was convened in Muta, Slovenia, from 23–25 April 2013, attended by the DCAF beneficiary countries, Croatia, Slovenia and Frontex. They discussed the restructuring of the DCAF Border Security Programme after being transferred from DCAF Geneva to DCAF Ljubljana in the 10th year of its operation, with the aim to make it more result oriented and strictly adhering to the regional ownership principle. The participants finalised and endorsed the Regional Action Plan of the DCAF Border Security Programme for the period 2012–2015, which grants a more active role to the level of border police chiefs in the strategic monitoring, planning and evaluation of the Programme implementation.