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Frontex Western Balkan Conference

Vienna, Austria - A “Western Balkan Conference” was co-hosted by Frontex and the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior between 13-14 November 2013 in Vienna, focused primarily on regional cooperation between the Western Balkan countries, the EU and other stake-holders in the area of mitigating regional irregular migration challenges. Albania, BiH, Macedonia, and Kosovo gave presentations on the state-of-play in their countries and the importance of donors’ activities in their respective countries, including the PCC SEE and DCAF Border Security Programme. Concrete needs and several important specifically outlined requirements were pointed out by the Western Balkan border and migration authorities, which have been faced especially in the last couple of years. The event was attended by Mr Anton Travner, Director, and Ms Jelka Klemenc, Project Manager, both DCAF Ljubljana. The DCAF Border Security Programme has been providing an important regional platform for cooperation, exchange of information, common operational measures and capacity-building to assist the beneficiaries when dealing with these wide challenges, through the building of law-enforcement capacities and interagency cooperation in the area of asylum, complementarity with the activities of other regional actors.