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EU ISEC-Supported Project continues with the 2nd Expert Workshop


Bucharest, Romania - This week, 1-5 July 2013, the 2nd Expert Workshop of the DCAF-led Project on E-Learning in Cross-Border Police Cooperation Tools took place in Bucharest, Romania, facilitated by the DCAF project management team. The Romanian and Slovenian Project Teams were working on the development of E-Learning modules on the topics of "Mixed Patrols" and "Data and Information Exchange". The modules are being created within the Cepol module development space, based on Cepol's methodology. Together with Europol, the national experts and the project management are reviewing important developments in the European Information Exchange Model (EIXM) and issues that the practitioners face in their everyday workflow. The future modules should include those issues to aid the practitioners, officers, students and other experts from EU Member States and prepare them for their everyday tasks.