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Establishment of the Western Balkan Network of Police Academies under the Auspices of the DCAF Border Security Programme

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - The "Joint Declaration on Cooperation between the Institutions for Police Education and Training in the Western Balkans" was signed in Mostar (BiH) on 27th November 2012, formally establishing a network of police academies and other national institutions responsible for police education and training. Bringing the network to life will enable the regional actors in education and training to take over tasks within the Border Security Programme and to gain a more clearly defined common ownership over the activities and further initiatives. Considering the regional EU perspective and our mutual interest to enhance the effectiveness of the police forces, close cooperation and transferring knowledge on European cooperation instruments and mechanisms with the support of CEPOL, Frontex and Europol is an important element of the Network's mission.

DCAF has been mandated to provide support and facilitate the work of the newly established Network. A second meeting is to take place in late 2013.