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DCAF Takes Part in RCC’s Workshop on the SEE 2020 Strategy Organised by the Regional Cooperation Council

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - On 21st February 2013, Mr Anton Travner, Director of DCAF Ljubljana, attended a workshop in the framework of the SEE 2020 Strategy preparation, bringing together relevant contributors to the 5th Pillar of the future Strategy “Governance for Growth”. The participants identified a range of activities and measures to be developed in the several dimensions of the 5th Pillar, addressing anti-corruption and effective public services. The SEE 2020 Strategy was initiated by the RCC and its partners as the main framework for growth, following the adoption of the SEE 2020 Vision by the regional ministers responsible for economy. The overall aim is to develop a coherent regional strategy framework which shall strengthen the economic development of South East Europe as well as complement the Europe 2020 strategy in order to channel EU assistance in the coming years.