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DCAF represented at the 4th SEPCA Strategy Development Meeting

Tirana, Albania - Between 15–17 October 2013, SEPCA Secretariat and the Austrian Federal Criminal Police co-organised the 4th SEPCA Strategy Development Meeting in Tirana, Albania, attended by SEPCA national coordinators representing the police services of the nine SEPCA Member States, Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior/Criminal Police Service and DCAF. DCAF was represented by Mr Anton Travner, Director of DCAF Ljubljana, and Mr Reto Brunhart, Senior Advisor at DCAF Ljubljana. The meeting contributed to the new SEPCA Strategy, which is currently being drafted, discussed the new role of SEPCA after its changed status, and concluded on important synergies to be implemented between SEPCA, the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE) and the Austrian-led initiative International Law Enforcement Coordination Units (ILECU) III.