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DCAF Ljubljana participates in the “European Day for Border Guards” at Frontex

Warsaw, Poland - DCAF participated in the European Day for Border Guards, organised by Frontex in Warsaw, Poland, which brings together on an annual basis the representatives of European borderguard community and provides a unique forum for topical discussions, exchange of views, practices and experience. It is also an expression of appreciation and celebration of European border management authorities in their work to mitigate modern challenges to border integrity and safety of European citizens.

The panel debates focused on information exchange and border management, multipurpose of joint operations, SMART borders, and the ethical dimensions of using technology. A new Common Core Curriculum for EU Border Guard Training was formally launched.

Several of DCAF products in the field of police and border management were displayed at a featuring exhibition, such as the DCAF Border Security Programme FINAL REPORT 2009-2012; International Training Course for Station Commanders - Curriculum; International Training Course for Regional Commanders - Curriculum; and the Toolkit on Police Integrity.