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DCAF Extended Meeting of Border Police Chiefs with Heads of Migration Services discusses regional priorities in border management 2016-2020

Dubrovnik, Croatia - The 2nd annual meeting of border police chiefs took place this week in Dubrovnik, Croatia under the auspices of the DCAF Border Security Programme. It was attended by Beneficiary countries Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, and Croatia and Slovenia, and U.S.-DoJ ICITAP. It was the final meeting intended to monitor the evaluation of the Regional Action Plan 2012-2015, which expires in less than a month. Achievements during this period were carefully reviewed and further needs expressed. The meeting took place in an extended format together with the heads of migration services from all participating countries. Current challenges posed by irregular migration movements and related security challenges to border integrity were discussed. Participating countries reviewed the draft Regional Action Plan of the Programme for the upcoming period 2016 - 2020, which is to further harmonised and adopted by ministers of the interior/security at the 2016 DCAF Ministerial Conference on Border Security in Southeast Europe in early 2016.