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DCAF Annual Train-the-Trainers Summer Training Course in Andermatt


Andermatt, Switzerland - From 13–19 August 2012, DCAF Ljubljana held the first restructured summer course in Andermatt, a week-long course taking place in the mountenous village of Andermatt in Switzerland. The course is devoted to the „train-the-trainers“ concept and the merging of knowledge and skills between the police&border police education and training experts from Southeast Europe, EU Member States, Switzerland and other partners, such as EU agencies Frontex and Cepol, the AEPC and other partner organisations. A new restructured concept under the DCAF Programme led to the start of a new annual tradition in 2012 when approximately 40 participants were hosted by the Swiss Army in the 2nd week of August.

It is an intensive course organised and prepared by DCAF. It merges the knowledge and experience on learning methods and tools among the participants from the Southeast European region, the EU Member States and Switzerland, mostly representatives of police education institutions, police or border guard instructors and members of the academia, all contributing to a common pan-European police culture. In addition to intensive courses, awareness is raised on modern team-building methods, which find their strongest realisation in the group climbing exercise to the famous Via Ferrata mountain. This is facilitated by the Swiss Military Mountaineering Centre (MMSC), who shows us enormous hospitality and contributes to the strong community spirit for the duration of our stay in their military community.