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Common Operations “BIH 2019” - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trebinje and Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Common operation “BIH 2019” took place under the auspice of the DCAF Border Security Programme Between 20 and 28 June 2019.

The Operation was divided into two separate activities. In the Bihać area, the activities focused solely on conducting interviews with the migrants at migrant reception centres (Bira, Borići, Sedra, Miral) and in the Trebinje area, the activities were focused on the detection of illegal crossings of state border (green border) with Montenegro and conducting interviews with the migrants, including apprehension and readmission. 


Visiting officers from 6 countries supported by representatives of European Agencies (Europol, Frontex) and international organisations (DCAF, IOM), took part in the operations which focused on detection of illegal crossings of state border and conduction interviews/debriefings with migrants with aim of obtaining and exchange of information on serious and organised crime, accompanying enhanced migratory flow.


For the needs of the activities Joint Situation Centre was set up in Sarajevo at the premises of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies. Information from both locations (Trebinje and Bihać) was provided to the operational headquarters and checked against Europol databases.


During the Operation, significant number of irregular migrants were apprehended; debriefings with irregular migrants were conducted; checks against Europol database were made and hits against Europol database have been received and simplified readmission procedures were conducted.