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Common Operation "JADRAN"


Montenegro - The Common Operation “JADRAN” facilitated by DCAF was held from 28 August – 6 September 2016 simultaneously at the selected Border Crossing Points in Montenegro where the visiting police officers from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, and Slovenia, performed their duties at the border crossings by wearing their uniforms and carrying personal weapons, and ensuring a constant exchange of expertise and experience as a key objective of the operation itself. The operation focused on the second-line checks of vehicles, with the special emphasis on the illegal transportation of weapons to be used for terrorist and criminal acts in Western Europe. The significant operational results on other cross-border criminal activities have been produced by the operation (including detected stolen vehicle, a person hidden in a vehicle, 6 forged documents, a person apprehended based on issued national arrest warrant, etc.) and received a significant public attention in the hosting country. The common operations in general demonstrate the readiness of the participating countries to cooperate and undertake the common and coordinated measures due to the positive results shown in crime prevention and fight against border-related crime. The achieved positive results of the common operation “JADRAN” proves once again that the countries of the Western Balkan region including Moldova are prepared to undertake measures to promote further common activities aimed towards Schengen/EU integration with the support of Austria and Slovenia, as the EU countries.