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A DCAF-facilitated Coordinated Operation at Border Crossings in the Western Balkan Region

Western Balkan region - A coordinated operation at border crossing points in the Western Balkan was facilitated by DCAF from 21st to 24th December 2012, and was conducted as synchronized action of regional border authorities at altogether 29 Border Crossing Points in the territory of the Western Balkan region, aiming specifically at detecting stolen vehicles. The operation and its results represent a significant contribution to the building of knowledge and capabilities of regional border management authorities in the implementation of this cross-border police cooperation measure. Together with EU/Schengen Member States, such as Slovenia, DCAF-facilitated cross-border operational measures aim to combat all forms of cross-border crime and illegal migration as one of the most pertinent threats not only to regional security but also the security of the entire European area. The legal basis for this common measure is provided by the bilateral police cooperation agreements and the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE), a convention providing for cross-border operational police cooperation in the Southeast European region based on Schengen tools and standards, and whose membership has recently been expanded to 11 countries from the Western Balkan region (6) and the European Union (5).