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A Coordinated Operation for Second-Line Checks of Freight Vehicles at the Border Crossing Points in the Western Balkan Region

Western Balkan region - A Coordinated Operation for the second-line checks of freight vehicles will be held from 27 May 2013 until 1 June 2013 through simultaneous and coordinated action on part of the border police forces at 5 border crossing points in 5 countries – Albania, BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The Coordinated Operation is focused on second-line checks of freight vehicles and all freight vehicles related events (transportation of hidden persons (illegal migrants or victims of human smuggling or trafficking in human beings, forgery of motor vehicle documents and other travel documents, smuggling of goods (illegal transportation of goods in freight vehicles). The operation is the third operational measures facilitated by the DCAF Border Security Programme in 2013, conducted in cooperation with regional border management authorities.