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4th Annual DCAF Train-the-Trainers Training Course


Andermatt, Switzerland - This week, the 4th Annual DCAF Train-the-Trainers Training Course is taking place in Andermatt, Switzerland. The Course is implemented by DCAF Ljubljana under the auspices of the Border Security Programme in Southeast Europe. It is supported by the Swiss Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS), and hosted by the Andermatt Military Mountaineering Service Centre (MMSC). The Course brings together 49 experts in education and training in the security sector representing 24 countries. This year's Course focuses specifically on closing the gap between theory and practice, adding to the skills of police and military education and training institutions. Participants are familiarised with modern learning methods and other good practices, along with the specifics of police and military training. At the opening ceremony, the Course participants were greeted by the President of the Canton Uri Parliament, the Commander of the MMSC, as well as other high representatives of the local and cantonal authorities. The Course is executed by DCAF and EU experts, and also attended by representatives of our partner organisations, incl. Europol, Frontex, Cepol, OSCE.