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1st Interim Meeting of the EU-supported project on E-Learning Modules for Cross-Border Police Cooperation led by DCAF Ljubljana

Bucharest, Romania - From 2 - 5 December 2013, the 1st Interim Meeting took place under the auspices of the project led by DCAF Ljubljana and co-financed by the European Commission. The Meeting was chaired by DCAF Ljubljana, with the support of CEPOL e-learning module development expert Mr Julian Ter Huurne. Bulgarian, Romanian and Slovenian project teams, each tasked with producing the landscape of one e-learning module from among the three topics (Hot Pursuit, Mixed Patrols and Cross-Border Information Exchange), were brought together to conduct a common review, mutually exchange opinions and suggestions on each of the three module landscapes as prepared so far. This is to be followed by a cross-checking revision phase aimed to further improve and ensure comparable final products. The revision is to be conducted in mutual cooperation between all three project teams in the next month. Exact deadlines were agreed among all project participants for finalising and submitting the individual materials. The final modules will be utilised, via CEPOL's e-net platform, as modern tools for police education and training at EU level. They will also serve as a basis for developing e-learning modules on cross-border police cooperation in the framework of the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe (PCC SEE).