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1st Annual Meeting under the Auspices of MARRI-led “BordAirPol” Initiative

Tirana, Albania - The 1st annual meeting of the permanent network of SEE heads of border police airport units took place in Tirana, Albania, between 26–27 September 2013. The BordAirPol project fosters cooperation between the Southeast European Countries border police forces at international airport border crossing points by providing training, regular meetings of the permanent network, and ensuring regular information exchange. The discussion was mainly focused on the countries’ practices in addressing the challenges of the irregular migration flows, and the concrete steps taken at the airport border crossing points to ensure sufficient security mechanisms and a smooth transit flow of people and goods. The PCC SEE was recognised as a solid platform and suitable legal basis for cooperation among the MARRI Member States and with the PCC SEE Contracting Parties participating in the BordAirPol initiative.