2nd Annual Meeting of Border Police Chiefs under the DCAF Border Security Programme

Belgrade, Serbia - Between 3–5 December 2014, the 2nd annual meeting of border police chiefs from Programme Beneficiaries Albania, BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia took place in Belgrade. It was also attended by Slovenia, Moldova, EU agencies Frontex and Cepol, and international partners RCC Sarajevo, IOM and OSCE. Upon reviewing progress in Programme implementation, the border police chiefs confirmed the joint annual working plan for 2015. They supported the preparation of new strategic guidelines of the joint efforts under the Programme, which are to replace the current Regional Action Plan 2012 – 2015 after expiration. Participants agreed on important objectives to be approached in the upcoming period in the areas of Education and Training, Operational Cooperation, Risk Analysis, Schengen Integration as well as the Programme's contribution to a comprehensive regional approach to irregular migration management. Frontex informed the participants of its significant project in the area of migration management, where further synergies will be sought with DCAF. In 2015, they will continue with the common and coordinated operations at Western Balkan borders, which have so far produced significant operational results, received high media attention, successfully transferred European standards to the region, provided the crucial mutual trust between practitioners, and have succesfully joined the efforts of border police officers from the Western Balkans and EU Member States. The future operations will be based on a first regional risk analysis document to be produced by the regional border police services with the help of the tools developed under the Programme, indicating threats to regional security and regional border integrity.