1st Regional Workshop on Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods (ITCG)

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia - Between 23-25 September 2019, the first Regional Workshop on Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods was organised under the auspice of the DCAF Border Security Programme.


The aim of the workshop was to discuss the phenomenon of illicit trafficking of cultural goods and its consequences, to identify the existing legislation in this respective field, specifically relating to combating the trafficking in looted artefacts and antiques as a possible source for terrorist financing and its role in serious and organized crime, including money laundering activities and to identify the necessary steps to be taken in the Western Balkan region for successful countering the mentioned phenomenon.


The meeting brought together national representatives of DCAF Border Security Programme Beneficiary Countries and representatives of Europol and OSCE.


During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the issue of ITCG, specifically the national capacities and gaps, and to identify the possible solutions. As this activity was the first in the line of activities, aimed at enhancing the regional capacities for recognition and tackling of ITCG, the participants were informed that the DCAF will in the future request that the same participants attend also the next workshops on ITCG. This will additionally contribute to monitoring progress and reporting on completed activities and outputs and provide an opportunity to receive feedback on any new arising issues.


In conclusion, the following four areas of actions have been identified as crucial for improvement of national capacities for recognition and tackling of ITCG:

- Enhancement of awareness on the ITCG on all levels, ranging from operational to the political.

- Training of LE officials, including the Train the Trainers activities, specifically aimed at improving national E&T capacities.

- Establishing a network of professionals, providing the LE officials the possibility for professional (expert) consultation on specifics related to the ITCG.

- International coordination/cooperation of activities and efforts in the Region. While the coordination and cooperation is an issue on a regional level, cooperation, coordination and communication should also be improved among the relevant national services.


1st Regional Workshop on Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods was organised within the framework of a project granted by the GIZ.

In order to best achieve the overall aim of the events, the activity was organised together with 1st Regional Workshop for Preparing a Common List of Indicators for Detecting Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods, within the framework of a project granted by Royal Norwegian Government.