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Pilot-Phase Meeting of the Western Balkan Migration Network (WBMN) under the Auspices of the Brdo Process

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Upon the invitation of the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior, DCAF Ljubljana participated in the 1st Meeting of the Western Balkan Migration Network, held from 26-27 November 2013 in Ljubljana, which was initiated by the Western Balkan countries within the Slovenian-led Brdo Process. Albania, BiH, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro are the beneficiaries of the restructured Brdo Process framework, where DCAF plays the role of an observer. MoI Slovenia presented a draft concept of the WBMN, and its modus operandi as a platform for the exchange of good practices among the participating countries (and organizations). Based on the model of the European Migration Network, the WBMN will offer comparative researches, mutual dealing with requests, and peer-to-peer exchanges of information. Beneficiary countries gave brief presentations on the state-of-play in cooperation with their neighboring countries in the area of irregular migration challenges, as well as their cooperation with international organizations, including DCAF.