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Field Activity of the Sechengen Integration Task Force in Serbia

Dimitrovgrad, Serbia - The Schengen Integration Task Force once again convened at the study visit at the Serbian-Bulgarian border from 9-11 May 2018. The objective of the working group is to support the capacity development of the Schengen rule of law implementation within the Western Balkan countries and recently joined Moldova, and to be familiarise with the Serbian concept of the border control implementation at the 343 km long external border with Bulgaria. The special emphasis was given on border surveillance issues presented by the Serbian border police management. The Working Group visited units responsible for surveillance of the green border, where the practical work and equipment were presented, and participants introduced on sight with the problems the difficult and inaccessible terrain represent. More information on how the border control is carried out on the field or at the border crossings was also gain at the visit of the Regional Centre toward Bulgaria.


At the field activity, the representatives of the DCAF Border Security Programme beneficiary states were also familiarised about the novelties related to the new relevant regulations that were implemented from the last meeting in October 2017 within the European Union and in practice. The beneficiary countries agreed to up-date the self-evaluation in their respective countries at the newly added module on Return in accordance with the Schengen requirements, within the SSE module.