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Strategic Guidance and Monitoring

In the period 2012 – 2015, our common objectives within the Programme are provided by The Regional Action Plan 2012-2015 for Capacity-Building and Increasing Common and Coordinated Measures in the Area of Border Security in the Western Balkans Region, developed based on the agreement at the ministerial level at the 9th Annual Ministerial Review Conference on Border Security in Southeast Europe held in Skopje, Macedonia, 15–16 March 2012. The document was subsequently drafted and finalised by the regional border police chiefs, who are responsible for strategic oversight and monitoring over its implementation, including budgetary planning and evaluation. 

The Regional Action Plan serves as guidelines for the harmonization of regional border services with EU standards, developing policies and it provides specific objectives for the three inherent components, strictly adhering to the principle of regional ownership. 

The document is an important strategic tool within the Programme, whereby the level of regional Border Police Chiefs provides regular steering and monitoring of its implementation and also plans the Programme budget according to the given objectives. Thus, the Regional Action Plan 2012-2015 determines that regional chiefs of border police services are to be convened at least twice a year. The progress towards an Integrated Border Management in the Southeast European region, currently a top priority of regional and European authorities, is discussed annually at ministerial level; further strategic and political guidelines, regional measures based on the results and important new developments under the auspices of the Programme are endorsed at DCAF annual ministerial review conferences on border security in Southeast Europe.

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